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How it Works?

Since 2007

We have helped 317 businesses and their 33000+ customers. We are a diversified software company that understands business and bottom line. Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore teams for our clients. We deliver quality product & services to our clients at an affordable cost while building a lasting relationship by ensuring satisfaction and measurable business results.

Completely Branded. We represent with your business name to your customer

Proactive support to your customers via Email, Chat or Phone.

We talk, convince, answer doubts and convert your leads into sale.

100% Money Back Guarantee, If your customers are unhappy.

Dedicated Business Manager to take care of your business, while you are on vacation.

Frequently asked questions

1What is CSHotline?
We work closely with our clients in the development of long-term support solution strategies that are practical, sustainable and deliver opportunities for growth in income that would be unattainable on your own. We know what it means to be a valuable tech support partner and Web agency, and that’s why we bring only experienced team members to provide support to your customers. We have experienced, seasoned professionals in the IT industry supporting your business.
2Why CSHotline?
In this day and age, your business needs to be able to provide a variety of services in order to be successful. We give you that competitive edge in providing you that added service of remote support and web services when it is not feasible for you to do it yourself. We know the bottom line is “profit.” Our business model is set up to give you outstanding service and still make a satisfying profit.
3Why i don't see pricing at your website?
Every business is different, We offer you our best plan based on your business requirement.
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4How do you billing my clients?
We never bill your clients. We ask your customers to make payment directly to you with your prefer payment method.
5How do you represent my business? who's customer are they?
The simple answer is “They are your customers!” Our business model is to support business owner and to be a value-added service for that owner, so we have no intention of taking away any of your customers—YOU are our customer! Everything is done with YOU in mind. Branding is done with YOUR business name, and calls are made with YOUR business details. Customers know they are dealing with YOUR business, not ours.
6How much time does it take to go live with CSHotline?
Once signed up, Your account is setup in less than 3 business days.
7Where i can find list of all CSHotline Services?
To know about all services we can offer to your customer. Download our service information kit from here.
Download it here.
8Do you offer custom services?
CSHotline helped businesses from various sectors. CShotline can help your business grow with our suite of business management services.
9How do you track tickets and services?
Our team are trained of multiple CRM and Support Software. We can use one of your CRM to log your customer. If you do not use any CRM untill now not to worry we will deploy CRM for your business where you can easily track your business.
10is there a contract?
No, there is no contract. You can cancel your account anytime.
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